Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking back ...

After neglecting this particular blog for a while, not really having time to reflect on how I have used the experiences having other a-Ha moments, and what I have accomplished in terms of the to-do list ... it is now time.

I was certainly aware of my own personal growth and development while away, and my continuing personal and career development and the direction that I have been moving towards since my return.

Pretty easy to list is to compare what I wanted to do on my return and what I actually accomplished. And satisfying as well.

* A number of presentations on the experience and observations to colleagues at work at a colloquium, to the branch, and to the Public and Community Libraries Interest Group and the Support Staff Interest Group. Each presentation had to be adapted for the audience, as what interested one group might not interest the other. The Fall 2004 Associates were very generous with their photos, sharing them to be used to illustrate presentations.

* Article for Cape Librarian on SALLP experience -- again I was aware that the target market was going to be public librarians, so I chose to report on the more "public library" aspect of the programme.

* Customer Service using FISH philosophy -- Alvina Matthee, Nazeem Hardy (who was in the second SALLP contingent) and myself did a presentation at the branch Annual General Meeting last year. It was great fun! Judith Siess (the Invisible Librarian) was in the audience and contributed to such a lot towards the success of that session. My own institution has bought the Fish! training materials and it has already been used by me in a session with our student assistants.

* Explore possible ideas about electronic reserves -- this conversation has started and is something our library is currently exploring.

But even more exciting is my growing involvement with Library 2.0 technology -- blogging, wikis, rss and so on. And this all arose out of my experiences in the States and this blog which I shared with colleagues. More about the blogging experience in the next few postings.

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