Friday, October 22, 2004

Wed October 20 FISH - Excellent Customer Service

Jan Ison and Amy Weber of the Lincoln Trail Libraries System presented this workshop on Excellent Customer Service using the FISH philosophy which is more than a philosophy -- it is an attitude - based on the philosophy followed by the Seattle Fish Company (think it was). There are four principles -- Play; Make their day: Be there and Choose your attitude. And these work, not only in the work situation - but in one's every day life. I really think that more people need to be exposed to it so they can choose ... (but as Jan pointed out, not everyone is comfortable with this philosophy and idea of playing and having FUN while one works! Librarians are "professionals" and "professionals" don't have fun! )

Reminder to self: See we or CPLS have the video, and check for books by Stephen C Lundin with a view to setting up a workshop or a discussion. Don't forget to buy the fishy elements and other fun stuff!

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jay.l said...

I just had to leave a comment on your post. I work with the company that created The FISH! Philosophy as a speaker and facilitator doing workshops and keynotes around the world.
We get the "Professionals" response a lot from people. How can I be a professional if I am seen having fun?
First of all I completely understand and do not prescribe "having fun" for that physician that is operating on my mother! But, the practice of "Play"
in the philosophy is not just about "fun". Play is about letting child-like curiosity and enthusiasm back into our professional life without being "childish".Play is about creating trust and freedom to creat in our professional lives.
When you look at it that way, it starts to look a lot like innovation - and that is something everybody wants in their professional life.
Just my two cents! Take Care!
Jay Larson
Prophet of Possibilities
ChartHouse Learning